Congratulations Fuyuan Printing and Dyeing Company opens a new official website
Gaomi Fuyuan Dyeing Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise, which belongs to the textile industry enterprises, has 20 years of experience in production practices. 
Company covers an area of 127 acres, 86 million yuan in fixed assets, employees 190 people, professional and technical staff of 80 people, with annual sales income of 120 million yuan, 5.48 million yuan of taxes paid. 
The company has knitted and woven dyeing and knitting Sankei sources (joint venture) advanced three lines, the company equipment and supporting facilities. Knitting and finishing German Dornier manufactured silk knitting machines, Monforts saving setting machine, Ericsson TEC low bath green energy equipment, the Italian rubber blanket pre-shrinking machine 160 sets, and supporting the advanced level of the same industry centralized computer control system equipment, semi-automatic weighing and distribution system. 
I mainly processing fabrics are: spandex jersey, air layer, the composite rib, cotton jersey, cotton; polyester mesh, spandex velvet, crepe, FTY, modal and other processed products are Fuyuan dream wire series, cold cotton series, thermal underwear series, the main export Japan, Korea, Europe and other countries, are up to international standards.
Fuyuan dyeing look forward to your sincere cooperation, product advice please call.
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